MY work


SkyOne Credit Union Press Release

As, a contracted copywriter, I was responsible for writing several press releases for BloomCu, an award-winning credit union website design agency. This is one of those.


Pearl Hawaii FCU Product Page

This Teen Debit Card page is a product page like many others I wrote and edited as a contractor for BloomCU. The clear, brand-focused, user-friendly copy used here is a great example of the bread-and-butter of my work on similar projects for Bloom.  


OUR Gala

I wrote product descriptions for a Gala Fundraising Event for Operation Underground Railroad, a non-profit steeled against the horrors of sex trafficking. My work was printed in the event booklet and read by the professional auctioneer, resulting in more than $300,000 in funds to rescue and rehabilitate victims.


A Contemporary Woman

In honor of International Women’s Day, I wrote a description of my daily activities to document a cultural moment in history.


Writing About Writing

What a novel idea! Maybe it’s a poem, or call it a blurb. I had fun playing with words in this little ditty to sell my work. Give it a gander.